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I am looking into replicating in real time data from Oracle to Vertica database.
So far i can not find anything that is able to do this !!!
But i have foung Tungsten replicator that seems to work well in Mysql to Vertica (havent test it yet).
My Question is :
Is there any tools or ways of doing this (oracle => vertica)??? And if so how would updates would be handled ?

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WisdomForce - acquired by Informatica - does data replication between oracle and vertica.

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Is true !! it seems they do !! but they are closed as a steel box !!I can not get any info !! – Up_One Aug 7 '12 at 16:07

Look at Tungsten Replicator. It replicates from MySQL/Oracle to Vertica and is fully open source (GPL V2). You can find the Tungsten Replicator project at (Disclaimer: I work for Continuent and wrote a good chunk of the replicator code.)

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