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I have a directory containing folders and subfolders. These subfolders contain, for example, .xml files.

I'd like to copy all of the .xml files into a separate folder. My UNIX is rusty; any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Adam

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Try this command (with the needed changes of course), e.g.,:

cp source_dir/project1/*.xml dest_dir/new_project2/summer2012

Note that you don't have to specify the filenames at the destination when they stay the same.

For more information see the cp man page

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find -iname '*.xml' -exec mv \{\} /dest/directory \;
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Do you mean copy all .xml files from all subfolders without having to specify the subfolder names?

find . -name \*.xml -exec /bin/cp {} /dest/dir/ \;
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A variation of this worked for me to copy several thousand files from 40ish subdirs to one single directory: $ find . -exec cp {} /target/dir \; –  Chad Cooper Jun 3 '13 at 18:04

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