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My Qt project needs a chat window similar to Skype. Namely, the chat history window, not where the user inputs his text. I thought of using some kind of HTML view to programmatically add chat text as it comes in from the chat parties.

Some requirements:

  1. It has to be formatted nicely, support for CSS I can apply to it..
  2. I must have scroll control - e.g. autoscroll to the end of the chat when new chat lines come in, even if I'm currently scrolled up for some reason.
  3. it has to allow a full mouse copy, just like skype.

Will QWebView do the hob? I did not see scroll control API, or being able to "append" new text lines. Will I have to re-create and re-submit the HTML using "setHTML" every time a new line comes through?

Any advice will be appreciated.

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You may want to consider using either QTextEdit or QTextBrowser. Both of these widgets have support for HTML (though it may be somewhat limited). These widgets will allow you to append HTML line-by-line. They also inherit from QAbstractScrollArea, which provides you with access to their scroll bars. I'm not sure if they will support CSS, but they do support Qt's style sheets, which might work for you as an alternative if you can't get CSS to work. They also provide out-of-the-box copy, cut, paste, undo and redo (though you'll probably want to customize this for your case).

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