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How do I enable Mockito debug messages? In particular, I'd like print the details of methods stubbed with when() and every interaction with those methods.

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Mockito 1.9.0 introduced listeners and now bundles a verbose logger:

So basically if you want simple and stupid logs, just do the following:

List mockWithLogger = mock(List.class, withSettings().verboseLogging());

See http://docs.mockito.googlecode.com/hg/latest/org/mockito/MockSettings.html#verboseLogging() for more information


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Brice answer is the way to go, but another option is:

new org.mockito.internal.debugging.MockitoDebuggerImpl().printInvocations(mockedObject);

Which just prints the interactions that happened prior to that point to the given option. Is not robust enough, but does the trick and might be useful for some cases.

For Example this should work according to MockitoSettings

spiedObject = mock(ToMock.class, withSettings().spiedInstance(toMockInstance).verboseLogging())

Though in 1.9.5 doesn't seem to spy anything, it just mocking it.

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