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Is it possible to create an xml file using jQuery or will I have to use server side functions?

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It depends what you mean by "file". To use the literal definition, no - you cannot create server-side files purely using client-side JavaScript. However, creating an XML string is simple. – user1479055 Aug 3 '12 at 19:35
i didnt want to say file .what i mean create an xml string.but after i will be able to use Xquery to query like i would do in a database – dll_onFire Aug 3 '12 at 19:51

JQuery is a javascript library which runs on the client side/browser. To write to the server you need to use a server side tool. ex. ASP, Python, Php.

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You can create xml content for your xml file and then set it in href as base64.

Check this thread: How to create a dynamic file + link for download in Javascript?

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Use jquery ajax to send some data to a server page (ASP.NET/ PHP) and create the XML there.

The below sample makes a call to an ASP.NET MVC action method where i am creating an XML document using the data passed and saving it the disk.I am using the LINQtoXML API for this example

 $.post("Home/CreateXML", { name : "Angel", age : "22" } function(data){
       alert("Response from server is : "+data);

And in your Server side,

public ActionResult CreateXML(string name,string age)
  XElement elm=new XElement("SomeXML",
                     new XElement("Name",name),
                     new XElement("Age",age));

 return Content("XML Created and saved in disk!");   

Executing this will create an XML in this form

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