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I am trying to create deployment scripts.

I have a batch file called Deploy.bat

@Echo Off
sqlplus -s UID/pwd@Server @.\runall.sql >> OracleDeploy.log 2> error.log

then in runall.sql I have


If I put the below statement, my batch file runs fine.

Select * from User_table;

However, if I put in a create table statement, SQLPlus seems to wait for input and hangs till I press Control + c and terminate batch job.

create table t1
(c1 varchar2(10));

Why is it not working?

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Your subject line says you can't create a package. Here you're trying to create a table. Which is it? – DCookie Aug 3 '12 at 20:48

If you're trying to create a package, as your subject line indicates, I suspect you need a trailing "/" on the last line of your script:

create package p1 as 
end p1;

A create table statement should work as you have defined it.

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