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I have a function which scrolls the page to a given offset. I'm using the parallax effect, so all my elements (and pages, or "slides") are positioned depending on the scroll bar location.

My little problem is that when I click a link to another slide, it scrolls the page to the desired offset, but the event binded is triggered. Which should be OK, to keep the smooth effect. But there's a little glitch, it seems that the scrollTop function goes back to top for a millisecond before executing correctly. So it lookes like theres another page displaying for a millisecond every time I click on a link before scrolling to the right place.

Here is my code:

    for(var i=1;i<8;i++)
        (function(slideNum) {
            var tempName = 'slide'+slideNum;
            $('a.slide'+i).bind('click', function() {
                $.scrollTo((defaultPositions[tempName].top/slidesScrollSpeed)+1+'px', 800);

I know it might be hard to find the problem in this code, but it's all I could find that is related to that. Do you know what's wrong?


PS: scrollTo is a jQuery plugin but has the same glitch as scrollTop...

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You need to prevent the default action of the links. I'm assuming you have something like href="#" on your links? Change your click binding to:

$('a.slide'+slideNum).bind('click', function(event) {
    $.scrollTo((defaultPositions[tempName].top/slidesScrollSpeed)+1+'px', 800);

Edit: I noticed you pass in i as slideNum but then use i, so I changed my code to use the passed in value stored in slideNum

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Wow it works, thank you very much, that was it! I completely forgot about default actions. –  Samuel Bolduc Aug 3 '12 at 21:25

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