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I'm receiving values in a GET string from Aweber upon user's submission of a form. I take the variables they send and submit them to a SMS gateway to notify a 3rd party of the submission by text message.

Here's my problem. I need to redirect the page that performs the outgoing SMS commands in a php header to another page that finally displays the GET variables sent from Aweber.

I can retrieve the variables and their values in the first page. How do I pass them to the second page?

Here is the code I'm using on the first page (sms.php) to collect the variables sent by Aweber:

   $fname   = $_GET['name'];
   $femail  = $_GET['email'];
   $fphone  = $_GET['telephone'];

   header('Location: confirmed.php');
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$_SESSION['fname']   = $_GET['name'];
$_SESSION['femail']  = $_GET['email'];
$_SESSION['fphone']  = $_GET['telephone'];

header('Location: confirmed.php');

and get it on the next page like:

$fname   = $_SESSION['fname'];
$femail  = $_SESSION['femail'];
$fphone  = $_SESSION['fphone'];


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Works like a charm! Though @Yan basically suggested the same, I appreciate your detailed explanation (which helped this novice ;) –  user1322707 Aug 3 '12 at 21:53

First convert the $_GET HTTP variable into a query string using

$query = http_build_query($_GET);

Then append the query string variable to your redirect header

header('location: domain.com'."?".$query);


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You don't need to store them in a session, you can easily pass them with your location header:

$fname   = $_GET['name'];
$femail  = $_GET['email'];
$fphone  = $_GET['telephone'];
//now a header with these var's:
header("Location: confirmed.php?name=".$fname."&email=".$femail."&telephone=".$fphone);

In confirmed.php you can get these variables with $_GET method.

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Hmmm, I tried this solution before posting the question here and all I got was .$fname on the confirmed.php page when echoing it, instead of the actual value in the GET string –  user1322707 Aug 3 '12 at 21:44
Can you post your code of the php with the header("location...) in it and confirmed.php where you were trying to echo that? –  Djerro Neth Aug 3 '12 at 21:53
I was using the same $fname=$_GET['name']; in both pages since the parameters in both strings were the same, ie name=value –  user1322707 Aug 3 '12 at 21:57
When this page is called, you are immediately redirected to yourdomain.com/confirmed.php and this is the URL you see in your browser. Do you see the variables in the URL? –  Djerro Neth Aug 3 '12 at 22:31
Yes, but they come up as confirmed.php?name=".$fname"&email=".$femail" etc, instead of the actual values in place of ".$fname" and ".$femail". –  user1322707 Aug 3 '12 at 22:35

Store them in the session:

 $_SESSION['fname'] = $_GET['name'];

Use session_start at the beginning of each file.

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Please for anyone reading this in future, use sessions for this kind of variable value transfer because if you rely mostly on adding variable to header then if the user in still on that form and carries out an action that changes the value of the header then your own variable value changes since it depends on the header......simply put, USE SESSIONS.

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foreach($_GET as $key => $value){
header("Location: yoururl.com".$gets);

it just doesn't 'get' simpler than that if you want to pass veriables through GET in a redirect without rewriting previous code with 'REQUEST' or some other scheme. save your old code and just rebuild your url. simple answer from the php administrator at http://www.yad1.org

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