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I have two models, User and Group, where groups contain many users. If I want to count the number of users in each group using a single query, I can use the following SQL:

select id, (select count(1) from users where group_id = from groups

Is it possible to do this efficiently with ActiveRecord?

To be clear, this query will list all group ids, along with the number of users in each group.

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You can use either to get count

  1. using associations

    group = Group.find(1) #find group with id = 1
    group.users.count    # count users whose group_id = 1 calls db everytime
    group.users.size  # get size from cache if group.users loaded
  2. or directly


count helper fires a count(*) query on the database with specified conditions check more options at

also I recommend you to go through rails guides

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I was unclear, I am wondering how to get this count for all groups at once. – Joe Nelson Aug 3 '12 at 21:41

I found an efficient solution using a join:

  :select => ", count(u.group_id) as users_count",
  :joins  => "LEFT OUTER JOIN users u ON u.group_id =",
  :group  => ""
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