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Hi I have my landscape only app. I am adding iAd to it and i click on test add my app crashes with this error

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'UIApplicationInvalidInterfaceOrientation', reason: 'Supported orientations has no common orientation with the application, and shouldAutorotate is returning YES'

In my app delegate i have

_bannerView.requiredContentSizeIdentifiers = [NSSet setWithObjects: ADBannerContentSizeIdentifierLandscape, nil];

and in my VC i am again setting

[_bannerView setCurrentContentSizeIdentifier:ADBannerContentSizeIdentifierLandscape];

To keep my app Landspace only I have

-(BOOL)shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation:(UIInterfaceOrientation)interfaceOrientation {
    // Return YES for supported orientations
    return (interfaceOrientation == UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight);

Please suggest what is wrong here.

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Probably won't solve it but it'll make your app less annoying; use return UIInterfaceOrientationIsLandscape(interfaceOrientation); otherwise 1 of the 2 landscape orientations are ignored. –  Alec Aug 3 '12 at 23:28
sir I want my app to run only in one orientation, but is that a reason my app is crashing when i am click on ad? –  Sam Woodbury Aug 4 '12 at 6:32
The error reported claims that your application is attempting to run in an invalid orientation. Did you happen to allow the left orientation in your Info.plist? –  HiGuy Aug 4 '12 at 8:34
no it is working fine on 5.1 OS and simulator. Error is only coming on iOS 6.0 –  Sam Woodbury Aug 4 '12 at 14:13
@SamWoodbury Read the changes to shouldAutoRotate in the iOS 6.0 SDK. –  Danny Zlobinsky Aug 8 '12 at 18:29

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