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If I set up my Given, When and Then scenario and do not pass arguments, everything works just fine:

Given Login to WebQA

 [Given(@"Login to WebQA")]
    public void LoginToWebQA()

All of the reading on the web indicates that all I have to do is change the attribute to include a regular expression and add the argument to the method as follows:

 [Given(@"Login to '(.*)'")]
    public void LoginTo(string url)
    {enter code here

But when I do so, re-compile and run the test, I get the following error:

No matching step definition found for one or more steps.

[Binding] public class StepDefinitions { [Given(@"Login to WebQA")] public void GivenLoginToWebQA()

Thanks in advance


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Try without single quotes:

 [Given(@"Login to (.*)")]
    public void LoginTo(string url)
    {enter code here

Here is random code sample I use:

Given so and so

When so and so

Then result description should be [test description]

public class AssertionSteps
    [Then(@"result description should be (.*)")]
    public void ThenResultDescriptionShouldBe(string hitDescription)
        //here I also clean up the param value to remove []
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