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for i in l1:
    print "the i is ", i
    print i[0]   # 'a'
    print i[1]   # (1, 1)
    n = re.search(r'[a-z]', i[0])
    v = (1,1)
    if i[0] != n:
    v = (1,1)
    n = i[0]
    if i[1] != v:
        raise ValueError, '[%s, %s] is missing in %s' %(i[0], (i[1][0], i[1][1]-1), production)

    v = (v[0], v[1] + 1)

I need to check whether any item is missing in the given list l1 = [['a', (1, 2)], ['a', (1, 3)], ['a', (1, 4)]]in this case['a', (1, 1)]` is missing so I should report an error.

similarly if we have the lists l1 = ['b', (1,1)] ,['b', (1, 3)], ['a', (1, 4)]]. In this case['b', (1, 2)]` is missing so the error should be reported as shown in the code below.

I am always getting ['a', (1,1)] in spite of if it is present in the list l1 = [['a', (1, 1)],['a', (1, 2)], ['a', (1, 3)], ['a', (1, 4)]]

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'code not working'. In what way? do you get an error? If not, what was the output you expected vs. what output you actually got? –  Martijn Pieters Aug 3 '12 at 22:42
v = v + 1 TypeError: can only concatenate tuple (not "int") to tuple –  smazon09 Aug 3 '12 at 22:47
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1 Answer

You want to increment the second value of your tuple, not the tuple itself:

v = (v[0], v[1] + 1)

You need to create a new tuple, as illustrated, because tuples are immutable themselves.

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