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I'm working with CakePHP 2.x and I was wondering if there is any built-in functionality for working with HABTM join tables. I don't really see anything in the documentation for directly changing the attributes of a HABTM relationship. This is what I mean:

I have a join table that contains flags for a relationship between two models that can be demonstrated as such:

(int) id | (int) user_id | (int) video_id | (bool) hasRated | (bool) hasWatched | (bool) hasDownloaded

The first column is just the regular table id. The next two (user_id and video_id) are the typical HABTM foreign keys to the user table and video table. The following 3 flags are indicators of the relationship between the two models (has this video been watched? has it been rated? etc.)

I am currently building my own queries and this is my boot-strap setup. My end goal is to add attributes between the relationship of two models. Is this the correct way to approach this, or is there a more Cakey way to do it?

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For maintain a HABTM you can maintain join table. The cake convention for join table for HABTM is:

This new join table's name needs to include the names of both models involved, in alphabetical order, and separated with an underscore ( _ ). The contents of the table should be two fields, each foreign keys (which should be integers) pointing to both of the primary keys of the involved models. To avoid any issues - don't define a combined primary key for these two fields, if your application requires it you can define a unique index. If you plan to add any extra information to this table, it's a good idea to add an additional primary key field (by convention 'id') to make acting on the table as easy as any other model.

So its seems just fine for you. But you must follow the naming convention.

For more detail see docs.

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As you can see, I already follow the naming convention. I have no problem establishing the HABTM relationship described in the cake docs, I just want to use the relationship to become more descriptive (hasRated, hasWatched, etc.) and was wondering if cake had, for instance, a find way to update the relationship itself. – Kevin Wang Aug 5 '12 at 13:10
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In 2.x, cake will automagically create a model for you and recognize the relationship.

$this->Video->UserVideo will generate a model that fits the HABTM join table users_videos. You can then interact with it just like a regular model and it will update the database.

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