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I have a radix4 FFT that works in forward direction. How different is the inverse fft from froward? I think the only difference is twiddle factors. My code is a modified version of Source. Can some one enlighten me on this. Thanks.

My output

  1. 50 688
  2. -26 -6
  3. -10 -16
  4. 6.0 -26

Expected output

  1. 50 688
  2. 6 -26
  3. -10 -16
  4. -26 -6
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Google search "how to compute inverse FFT". Top result:


The equation:

IFFT(X) = 1/N * conj(FFT(conj(X)))

conj() means "complex conjugate", which basically just means multiplying all the complex values by -1.


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Thanks a lot buddy!! –  user1459175 Aug 5 '12 at 23:09

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