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We're trying to set up a Gerrit instance for code reviews and are planning to use 'repo' with in. I am able to push directly to Gerrit, but using repo upload fails with a public key error:

user@machine:~/workspace/git/gerrit-test$ repo upload
Upload project path/gerrit_test/ to remote branch master:
branch master ( 1 commit, Fri Aug 3 15:23:50 2012 -0700):
     8ef17a1b this better effin work
to (y/N)? y
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

[FAILED] path/gerrit_test/ master          (Upload failed)

I have narrowed down the problem to the username that is being used for this repo, but have no idea where to set this user name (I'm not sure how to check what user name is being used either). I've tried adding the following in .repo/manifests.git/config but it still fails.

[review ""]
        username = <my_username_from_gerrit_profile_page>

Where do I add the correct user name?


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The gerrit ssh server starts on port 29418, by default. You appear to be connecting to port 8081, which I suspect is the web server port number.

For confirmation check the following section of your "etc/gerrit.config" file:

    listenAddress = *:29418
    listenUrl = http://*:8081/

You can additionally check your private key credentials by running the following command:

$ ssh -p 29418 your_user_id@localhost

  ****    Welcome to Gerrit Code Review    ****

  Hi mark, you have successfully connected over SSH.

  Unfortunately, interactive shells are disabled.
  To clone a hosted Git repository, use:

  git clone ssh://your_user_id@your_machine:29418/REPOSITORY_NAME.git

Connection to localhost closed.

I think the reason you are able to "push directly to Gerrit" is because the ssh port number is part of the repository URL.

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Thanks. Will try this & report when I'm back at work in two weeks. – copolii Aug 6 '12 at 19:03
@copolii Enjoy your vacation :-) – Mark O'Connor Aug 6 '12 at 20:01

Make sure you have your username in config file.

$ git config --global review.<"URL">.username $USER
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repo tool uses the prefix of your email as review.URL.username

For example,

username: john_chen


John_Chen will be the review.URL.username.

therefore, you have to check whether you have the ability to connect through John_Chen

You can trace this by repo --trace upload

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