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i would like to reuse my existing blazeds/java/spring apps to write some html 5 clients. Is anyone aware of a pure js (no swf bridge allowed) client that has pub/sub capability

so far my googling has found 2 projects - jsasmf (which uses a tiny swf) and amf.js which is missing pub/sub, but no other projects besides these 2

any ideas (crazy is fine) on how to do this appreciated


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Why not annotate your blazeds service object implementation with jersey annotations to expose it as a rest service. It should be possible to expose the same service through blazeds and rest at the same time. You could use Atmosphere to implement pub/sub

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cool that might do the trick - thanks for the suggestion. – MikeW Aug 26 '12 at 10:49

This may be possible with another server. You would consume the service with flash on that server and expose its api with web sockets (for example) to other clients. Your clients would not need flash installed.

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Extending on Erik Martino's answer... you could try compiling a Java AMF client to JavaScript yourself using GWT.

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Late to the party but is seems Adobe has a JS Client too. I you download the trail of Dataservices ES 4.6 its in the resource folder. A tutorial can be found here

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Also this JS lib works great. I have forked it to work better with BlazeDS. Didn't write, it only modified it a little. – David C Sep 8 '14 at 11:54

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