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Does anyone know if its possible to use the Metasearch / Ransack gem with a single textfield instead of multiple textfields? For my app, I just want to search two associated attributes in my model and full text searching seems like overkill. Anyways, any help would be much appreciated!

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Specifically, use :attrib1_or_attrib2_condition as @Danny does in his first text_field. – Mauricio Pasquier Juan Nov 9 '12 at 2:17

Yes of course. The following code holds 4 fields, but you can just have one. Here's a good resource (railscast), but quickly gets into the advanced side of the search which you are trying to avoid:


def search
  @search =[:q])
  @entries = @search.result

View (haml)

%h1 Search
= search_form_for @search, :url=>search_entries_path do |f|

    =f.label :make_or_model_cont, "Make or Model"
    =f.text_field :make_or_model_cont
    =f.label :last_four_cont, "Last Four contains"
    =f.text_field :last_four_cont
    =f.label :created_at_gt, "Date after"
    =f.text_field :created_at_gt, :class=>"scroller time_field" # using jquery datetime picker plugin
    =f.label :created_at_lt, "Date is before"
    =f.text_field :created_at_lt, :class=>"scroller time_field"
    =f.submit "Search"

=render 'results' # contains table, ths and tr + tds to hold the data
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