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I want to make a regular expression to validate and parse the string below:

TESTE_CASE.PESSOAS;CO_CNPJ_CEI BETWEEN (0000000000370000000000, 0000000000370000009999);*

Using the following regular expression I can validate the string:


What is the best way to parse this string? I need output like below:

String2 = CO_CNPJ_CEI
String3 = 0000000000370000000000
String4 = 0000000000370000009999
String5 = *


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You can enclose your needed expressions by ():

( subexpression )
Captures the matched subexpression and assigns it a zero-based ordinal number.

and get captured expression by index

or use named groups:

(?< name > subexpression)
Captures the matched subexpression into a named group.

and get captured expression by name

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try with this: (\b(?!BETWEEN\b)[\w.]+\b|\*)

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I would do it like this


$3 = 0000000000370000000000
$4 = 0000000000370000009999
$5 = *

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