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Creating a custom tag in Google App Engine Python2.5 with Webapp used to be a joyful experience. Here: Django Templates and variable attributes

But now, in Python 2.7 with Webapp2 and Django 1.2, it is a pain in the ass. I can only find bits of information here and there, and some of the methods contradict with each other.

The method described in http://www.john-smith.me/Tag/webapp2 ranks high in Google, but some people claim it is "what a waste of time" Webapp2 custom tags

This one method seems to work

from django.template.loader import add_to_builtins

But I dont know the details. Who can provide a step by step example?

I dont know why there are no official documents about these stuff. I mean, this is not science experiments in which we explore the unknown. There supposed to be some documentation so the developers can save their time.

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I have trouble converting my old app with tag, would definitely love a step by step example! – wliao Nov 8 '12 at 21:25

I had same problem.

The fix:

  1. Create templatetags folder. Add there module with custom tags as explained in Django docs Custom template tags and filters. Example folder structure:

  2. In settings.py set INSTALLED_APPS to myapp (name of folder which contains templatetags sub-folder):

    INSTALLED_APPS = ( 'myapp' )
  3. Now when you call {% load myTags %} in template Django should also seek the mytags module in myapp/*/templatetags/ folder.
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