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Go Launcher have a nice first time tutorial. it is very similar to Stock ICS first time run. I want to learn my app to user at first time of can I implement this Transparent view (which interacts with screen objects) in my android app?

First Image Second Image

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I was trying to do something similar using a transparent activity with a viewpager inside it. I wanted static 'tutorial' images that users could swipe through.

One of the answers to my question mentioned an interesting library (called ShowcaseView). It seems like it may be a good fit for your requirements as well.

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Thank you a lot! I have used the way which you used (transparent activity) but this library is the exact thing I need :) – moallemi Nov 1 '12 at 6:59
one more option: – user1406716 Aug 10 at 5:25
Thanks for introduce to library – Vrajesh Aug 27 at 17:15
Can this library be used for showing guide for drawer icon & menus as well? – Vivek Sinha Sep 29 at 9:32

You can either use a FrameLayout or RelativeLayout as root of your Activity/Fragment, and put your "first time" View upon content with a (almost) transparent background, or use another Activity/Fragment themed with a transluscent window. (like this)

I'd rather use an Activity/Fragment, but this is up to you!

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I wrote little library That contains a simple component for making ​​a app tour. It`s very restricted to my case but maybe could be your case . Single LessonCardView Showed onstartactivity for the first time or on button click Any criticism ,help or advice will be appreciated. thanks

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