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I'm making an application that supports multi language. And I am using gettext and locale to solve this issue.

How to set LANG variable in Windows? In Linux and Unix-like systems it's just as simple as

$ LANG=en_US python appname.py

And it will automatically set the locale to that particular language. But in Windows, the

C:\>SET LANG=en_US python appname.py



C:\>python appname.py

doesn't work.

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Windows locale support doesn't rely on LANG variable (or, indeed, any other environmental variable). It is whatever the user set it to in Control Panel.

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you can use a batch file like in here: http://www.geany.org/Documentation/FAQ#QQuestions11

set LANG=en_US

or set it through the control panel / system / advanced system settings / advanced / environmental variables

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