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I have met a strange problem for days. The boost::depth_first_search run occur “heap corruption". I have searched the solution for the problem, but there are none information.

My example is very simple:

template <typename VertexDataT>
class MyDFSVisitor :public boost::default_dfs_visitor

        template <typename VertexT, typename GraphT>
        void discover_vertex(VertexT u, const GraphT & g) const
                //VertexDataT tData = g[u];

        template <typename VertexT, typename GraphT>
        void finish_vertex(VertexT u, const GraphT & g) const


TEST(BGLTest, DFS_Crash)
        using namespace boost;

        typedef boost::adjacency_list<
                boost::setS, // disallow parallel edges
                boost::listS, // vertex container
                boost::bidirectionalS, // directed graph  bidirectionalS    directedS
                property <vertex_index_t, int>,//boost::property<vertex_properties_t,
                EdgeData//boost::property<edge_properties_t, EdgeProperties_T>
        > GraphContainer;

        typedef boost::graph_traits<GraphContainer>::vertex_descriptor Vertex;
        typedef boost::graph_traits<GraphContainer>::edge_descriptor Edge;
        typedef boost::graph_traits<GraphContainer>::vertices_size_type
        typedef std::pair<Edge, Edge> EdgePair;
        typedef boost::graph_traits<GraphContainer>::vertex_iterator vertex_iter;

        GraphContainer g;
        for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++)
                Vertex v = boost::add_vertex(g);
                if (v == boost::graph_traits<GraphContainer>::null_vertex())
                        std::cout << "Null Vertex!"<< std::endl;
                put(vertex_index, g, v, i);
                ASSERT_EQ(i, get(vertex_index, g, v));

        MyDFSVisitor<int> oVisitor;
        boost::depth_first_search(g, visitor(oVisitor));  // heap curruption!!!!!

I think there may be something that I haven't make clear. What's wrong in this example?

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Have you tried using a debugger? –  user405725 Aug 4 '12 at 4:45
Use a memory debugger like valgrind. Otherwise you could start with double checking your assignment operators and copy constructors of all classes involved. –  Eelke Aug 4 '12 at 5:23

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