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i am typing some text in my textbox like below format....:-

eg... (hi i am xyz.

i work in a company which is product based.

and i work as a software engineer.)

after typing above text however i am pressing submit i am getting the below result in my view:-

(hi i am xyz.i work in a company which is product based.and i work as a software engineer.)

I am not getting how to get the display same as i have written in the textbox.

I will be highly thankful if someone help me.

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Try putting it inside a pre tag.

<pre><%= @variable_name %></pre>

Or try simple_format

<%= simple_format(@variable_name) %>
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thanks dogbert it worked....thanks alot –  Barun Sharma Aug 4 '12 at 5:27
As you're new here, please don't forget to accept an answer if it solved your problem. –  Dogbert Aug 4 '12 at 5:29

Look into the simple_format helper:

my_text = "Here is some basic text...\n...with a line break."

# => "<p>Here is some basic text...\n<br />...with a line break.</p>"

You can also add the option to warp it with specific tags or perform sanitization.

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