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Any Body help me.

I want to create one Dynamic view. In which i want to add dynamic controls. These controls are come from xml. And need to display in single view on click event of button.

My xml format is like as below.

    <?xml version="1.0"?><customer><cust type="101"><lable><1> customer name </1><2> customer phone </2><3> customer age </3><4> customer Birth </4></lable><value><1>textfield</1><2> textfield </2><3> textfield </3><4>Date</4></value></cust><cust type="102"><lable><1> customer qualification </1><2> customer Email</2></lable><value><1>textfield</1><2>Email</2></cust><cust type="103"><lable><1> customer name </1><2> customer phone </2><3> customer age </3><4> customer Birth </4></lable><value><1>textfield</1><2>textfield</2><3>textfield</3><4>Date</4></value></cust><cust type="104"><lable><1> customer qualification </1><2> customer Email</2><3> customer gender </3><4> customer Birth </4></lable><value><1>textfield</1><2>textfield</2><3>CheckBox</3><4>Date</4>


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i don't know how to make this but i think this may help you

check this

and read about views (apple docs)

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Thanks for feedback. But this demo is not useful for me. Please give me other solution. I am repeating my Question: I have to display Controls like Check-Box, Pick List, Pick List with Multiple Select , Text view, Text Box etc dynamically as per the instructions coming from .net web service. I need to parse xml, then read it and then display dynamically. Any help regarding this will highly appreciable.. Thanks in advance once again. :-) – Hiren gardhariya Aug 6 '12 at 9:37
@Hiren If above answer is not helping you then why accept this answer?, only for increase your reputation or anything else? – Dipak Keshariya Nov 2 '12 at 11:22
@IGP Thanks next time i will care it.. – Hiren gardhariya Nov 6 '12 at 13:05

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