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I am loading and echoing data from an XML file through the $xml=simplexml_load_file function. Everything is working perfectly, the code is as follows ( in part ):

        $max = 12;
        $i = 1;
foreach($xml->someTag as $feed){ 
if ($i <= $max){

echo "<span class='previewImage' name='{$feed->some-subTag}' 
style='background:url({$feed->imageTag}) no-repeat center;'>";

In this example, I am drawing a URL from a tag in the XML and placing it at the background for a given span, all the images in the array (if that is the right usage of the word) appear without any problems.

What I would very much like to figure out is how to make the background in this short example change base upon an onBlur function set in a form field which is also on the page.

So if I have the following code:

Image URL: <input type='text' name='smallImage' id='someId' 
value='{$feed->imageTag}' />

As you can see the field is pre-loaded with the "imageTag" from the XML here as well.

What syntax or function could I use to change the backgroud of the span above after a new URL has been written. I was under the presumption that the onBlur function would be the best.

<input type='text' name='smallImage' id='someId' value='{$feed->smallImage}' 
onblur="document.find(.imagePreview#{$feed->some-subTag}).setAttribute("background", .smallImage.someId.value);" />

Again, I am complettely new to js and php.

Thanks in advance for any tips, hints or tricks.


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find() is one of the jQuery object's methods. –  Vohuman Aug 4 '12 at 5:50

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As sad as it is, i moidified the image swap function built into Dreamweaver to solve the issue.

Dreamweaver has a code which swaps images using mouseOver for a swap and mouseOut for a recovery of the original image (I am certain most people know this).

Instead of these I simply use the onBlur function to swap the image, left out any recovery swap, and I played with it so that the preview image is swapped with an image source entered in a certain field.

<img name='flipflop{$feed->individualTag}' src='{$feed->smallImage}' />

This above code the same.

For the field entry:

onblur="MM_swapImage('flipflop{$feed->individualTag}','',(this.value),1);" />

And of course i copied the MM-swapImage script and placed in the file.... obviously.

Not glamorous, not smart, not inventive, not talented ..... but functional.

And for a guy who knows as much js, jquery and php as I do..... functionality is king.

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