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In the following Lua code:

function eq_event(op1, op2)
    if op1 == op2 then
        return true
    local h = getequalhandler(op1, op2)
    if h then
        return not not h(op1, op2)
        return false

why use not not before the return value? is it different with the raw return value? I also remember that in C, there also got chance to use the !! before some expression, does them the same?

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not not will convert nil into false, and all other values except false to true. You may need to return a boolean value only when interacting with C.

Yes it's the same as !! in C. Only difference is that in C, 0 (and some other values I don't remember) is also falsy (that is, they'll return false when doubled not'd).

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In Lua, both false and nil makes a condition false, but other values make a condition true, test: print(not nil) --> true print(not not nil) --> false –  coanor Aug 4 '12 at 6:58
@NicolBolas falsy is a word - google.com/search?q=falsy :) –  Dogbert Aug 4 '12 at 7:05

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