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I have a question. How do I make mediawiki not show the [view history] tab for unregister users? I know you can use css to do it: in Mediawiki:common.css:

#ca-talk { display:none!important; }
#ca-history { display:none!important; }

but it's for everyone, even logged in users,so i want to have a way to make it just unregistered users.

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Apparently, if you are running MediaWiki 1.18 or newer, you can add CSS that is only loaded for a specific user group. See the manual page for more information. So you should be able to add:

#ca-talk { display:none!important; }
#ca-history { display:none!important; }

to MediaWiki:Common.css and then add:

#ca-talk { display:block!important; }
#ca-history { display:block!important; }

to MediaWiki:Group-user.css. The second set of rules will only be applied to logged in users.

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