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Im pretty familiar with procedural side of php, but I would like to learn the OO side of things. Can you guys suggest some (short) reads that would get me on my way?

Would prefer online articles, to paper.

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The folks at No Starch Press have really impressed me over the last few years, and Object-Oriented PHP: Concepts, Techniques, and Code by Peter Lavin is no exception.

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I'd personally reccomend PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice

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I have googled and found that most of the tutorial of oop in php is written for the people who has some basic understanding of oop. But after digging too much I found a Ankur tutorial on oop. Tutorial is covering complete oop from beginning(even you do not need oop knowledge). Tutorial is in 10 parts. Tutorial also covers some advance concept of oop. Following is some of the part which I like

Introduction To OOP

Method Chaining

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