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Hotel_id   Room_id   Room_type   Start_date   End_date     Price
   13        2        standard   2012-08-01   2012-08-15   7000
   13        2        standard   2012-08-16   2012-08-31   7500
   13        2        standard   2012-09-01   2012-09-30   6000
   13        3         luxury    2012-08-01   2012-08-15   9000
   13        3         luxury    2012-08-16   2012-08-31   10000
   13        3         luxury    2012-09-01   2012-09-30   9500

Hi this is the structure and data of my table.

I need to create a mysql query for hotel booking, that would match in database user entered data:

  1. Date when they want to checkin and checkout
  2. Room type

For Ex:

If user selects Hotel with luxury room based on these dates (2012-08-30 to 2012-09-04) the total cost would be (10000*2) for 30th and 31st Aug + (9500*3) for 1st,2nd and 3rd Sep(4th checkout day don't include) that means total price will be 20000+28500=48500

So query should filter total price based on the Hotel_id,Room_id,Start_date,End_date and Price


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What have you tried? –  Yan Berk Aug 4 '12 at 8:13
Welcome to Stack Overflow. What is your question? –  Pekka 웃 Aug 4 '12 at 8:15
I'm sorry, but this question is not an exact duplicate of that given: in that question the table contains an entry for every date, whereas in this question a record exists only for each date range. I am voting for this question to be reopened. –  eggyal Aug 4 '12 at 8:33
SELECT a.price ,DATEDIFF('2012-09-01','2012-08-29') AS countdays FROM hotel a WHERE a.room_id=3 AND '2012-09-01' BETWEEN start_date AND end_date i have tried this but not working. –  Deepanshu Jaiswal Aug 4 '12 at 8:46
Sorry but the Duplicate question contains only one field for the date and mine tale has start date as well as end date. Please reopen this question –  Deepanshu Jaiswal Aug 4 '12 at 8:50

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Use this solution:

               CASE WHEN a.Start_date = b.min_sd AND a.Start_date <> b.max_sd THEN
                        (DATEDIFF(a.End_date, '2012-08-30')+1) * a.Price
                    WHEN a.Start_date = b.max_sd AND a.Start_date <> b.min_sd THEN
                        DATEDIFF('2012-09-04', a.Start_date) * a.Price
                    WHEN (a.Start_date,a.Start_date) IN ((b.min_sd,b.max_sd)) THEN
                        (DATEDIFF('2012-09-04', '2012-08-30')+1) * a.Price
                    WHEN a.Start_date NOT IN (b.min_sd, b.max_sd)             THEN
                        (DATEDIFF(a.End_date, a.Start_date)+1) * a.Price
           ) AS totalprice
FROM       rooms a
           SELECT MIN(Start_date) AS min_sd,
                  MAX(Start_date) AS max_sd
           FROM   rooms
           WHERE  Room_type   = 'luxury'     AND
                  End_date   >= '2012-08-30' AND
                  Start_date <= '2012-09-04'
           ) b
WHERE      a.Room_type   = 'luxury'     AND
           a.End_date   >= '2012-08-30' AND
           a.Start_date <= '2012-09-04'

Replace occurances of 2012-08-30 and 2012-09-04 with your input start and end dates respectively.

This will account for start and end dates being in the same month as well as spanning across multiple months.

SQLFiddle Demo

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You can use MySQL's BETWEEN ... AND ... operator to find the date ranges in which the desired booking falls (remember to take one day off of the given checkout date as, like you say, there is no night's stay), then group the results by room and take the SUM() of price times number of nights (which can be calculated using MySQL's LEAST() and GREATEST() functions):

SELECT   Room_id,
         SUM(Price * (1 + DATEDIFF(
              LEAST(End_date,   '2012-09-04' - INTERVAL 1 DAY),
           GREATEST(Start_date, '2012-08-30')
         ))) AS Total
FROM     mytable
WHERE    Room_type = 'luxury' AND (
              '2012-09-04' - INTERVAL 1 DAY
                           BETWEEN Start_date AND End_date
           OR '2012-08-30' BETWEEN Start_date AND End_date
GROUP BY Room_id

See it on sqlfidde.

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try this:

set @Hotel_id :=13;
set @Room_id :=3;
set @Start_date :='2012-08-30'  ;
set @End_date :='2012-09-04';

 select sum(b.TotalPrice-b.deductions) as total_cost from
( select a.Price,a.StartDate,a.EndDate,price*(DATEDIFF(a.EndDate,a.StartDate)+1) as TotalPrice  
 ,case when a.EndDate=@End_date then a.Price else 0 end as deductions
(select price,case when @Start_date>=Start_date then  @Start_date else Start_date end as StartDate
,case when @End_date<=End_date then  @End_date else End_date end as EndDate
 from h_booking h1 
where  Hotel_id=@Hotel_id
and Room_id=@Room_id
and (@Start_date between Start_date and End_date or @End_date between Start_date and End_date ))a )b
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Thanks will try this one. –  Deepanshu Jaiswal Aug 4 '12 at 9:40
Thanks a lot your query was perfect got my answer in one shot. keep up the good work. –  Deepanshu Jaiswal Aug 4 '12 at 11:08

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