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At a previous place where I worked a colleague figured out how to configure MediaWiki so that, for example, a string like #12345 in the wiki markup could be expanded into a hypertext link to ticket 12345 in the ticket system.

I would like to do something similar in TWiki. I have not yet figured out how, though. So, if I do, I'll try and answer this question, then. :)


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If the InterwikiPlugin is enabled one can easily add a "wiki link" via the InterWikis node in TWiki. This is not quite full-fledged custom markup, but implementing a link like RT:12345 is as easy as adding a table row like this:

| RT | https://your-rt-server/Ticket/Display.html?id= | '$page' in RT system |

Then, wiki text that contains a string like RT:12345 would be expanded in to a hyperlink to https://your-rt-server/Ticket/Display.html?id=12345

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InterWiki links are probably the best way to link to an external site. Otherwise, you can write a TWikiplugin to either register a TWiki TAG handler (ie the %TAG% syntax) or to process the topic text as it goes through the renderer (somewhat slower).

Its not complex Perl, but :)


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