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I refer to my previous question on JQuery Rotating List. You can view the post here.

JQuery Rotating List

My previous post was to make elements in my table list move horizontally. Applying td:first-child and referencing it to my jquery script as a selector, it works.

But now i'm trying to make my table move vertically. I tried referencing it to tr:first-child but the script just doesn't seem to work.

If i were to change my (tr) to (td), table will be screwed as there are no (tr)'s to seperate the different items in my list. I wonder if there are any way around it.

Or else the other option is to use <li> which will require me to change a whole bulk of code.

Anyone who can offer some advise here will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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You mean moving rows of the table vertically, like in this jsfiddle? Or do you want to move individual table cells?

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nice and sweet. –  Lawrence Aug 4 '12 at 9:49

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