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I am designing a system where the requirement is as follows: I have to send a large file (10mb +) to asp.net through AJAX. The file will be sorted in the server and it will take time. I have to notify the client the status of the sorting accurately.Suppose I am sorting 100 sets of data from the file. In this case I have to notify the client after sorting of each set is finished. How can I do it? Any suggestion with link to implementation would be highly appreciated.

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You could consider using SignalR to accomplish this available on NuGet here http://nuget.org/packages/SignalR and its project page on git hub here https://github.com/SignalR/SignalR . You should be able to find a variety of tutorials on google.

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If this is a professional solution, you should try PokeIn. It targets each client individually (which is very important in your situation - especially for security reasons)

It helps you to access .NET methods from client side and call them per client (Secure)..

Also... It allows you to benefit from reverse ajax and websockets without any server side boundaries. PokeIn websocket feature doesn't require .NET 4.5 or Server 8 etc.

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