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I added lots of keyframe animations with css3 to my site. Lets say I am animating a div from left to right. Initialy the position of this div is -50px and I am animating to 0px, but if browser do not support css3 the user will see div at -50px which is bad.

How can I do something like:

if css3 is supported { css1.css else { css2.css } }


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there is no need to 2 different css files . you can use modernizr with css to check if a browser supports css3 animation and decide upon the test .

all you need is to relocate the div if animation is not supported .

add modernizr to the page

add class="no-js" to html tag

if browser doesn't support css animations then "no-cssanimations" would be added to the class

then you can add custom rules for not-supporting browsers

.no-cssanimations #yourDiv

check this discussion that uses the same technique

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I think this would work for you..

you can do this in javascript. Source

var supports = (function() {  
   var div = document.createElement('div'),  
      vendors = 'Khtml Ms O Moz Webkit'.split(' '),  
      len = vendors.length;  

   return function(prop) {  
      if ( prop in div.style ) return true;  

      prop = prop.replace(/^[a-z]/, function(val) {  
         return val.toUpperCase();  

      while(len--) {  
         if ( vendors[len] + prop in div.style ) {  
            // browser supports box-shadow. Do what you need.  
            // Or use a bang (!) to test if the browser doesn't.  
            return true;  
      return false;  

if ( supports('textShadow') ) { 
  $('#support').html("Your browser supports textShadow property");  

here is working fiddle :


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Please quote your sources. –  Pekka 웃 Aug 4 '12 at 10:05
I'm not sure this is a good way to check if a browser supports css3 . supporting css3 new features in different browsers is not the same and even one browser support some features but not others . for example opera supports text shadow but not keyframes as far as I know –  mohsen.d Aug 4 '12 at 10:24
@reza good point.. it is better to know if a perticular property is supported before using it, instead of checking FULL CSS3 support. –  Mohammad Adil Aug 4 '12 at 10:31

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