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I have a site with to languages, say English and German. sitename.com/ - is for English sitename.com/de/ - is for German

Currently the english speaking users that use Google.com, they type in the company name and see my site in the results with the link which points to sitename.com/ and has English description - that's good.

Now, german speaking users that search via google.de, they type company name but again...they see my site in results which points to sitename.com/ and has english description - not good. How do i make it point to sitename.com/de/ and have description in german lang ?

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The strongest geotargeting signal for Google is the top level domain. Unfortunately in your case you have a generic top level domain, but there are two things you can do to rank with the German section of your site on google.de:

  1. Set a geographic target for the /de/ subfolder in Google Webmaster Tools. This is a two step process: first you verify your main .com domain in Google Webmaster Tools, than you can verify yourdomain.com/de/ as another website and set a a geographic target under Site configuration > Settings > Geographic target. See more info about geotargeting
  2. Get links to the German section of your websites from German speaking websites. How to get such links depends largely on your site topic, so I cannot give you a specific advice.
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