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I am powering an Arduino Nano rev 3.0 device with an external USB power adapter (1000 mA). When I connect it to power input, board acts weird, and the servo goes bananas. If I use the same adapter on a USB port, board acts fine. I would like to leave the USB port free and use an external power supply. Why wouldn't board work from same power supply and what could I do to stabilize it?

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It seems that your external USB power supply is manufactured with more than enough to power a few servos (1000 mA). Try to use another power supply (rated to 5 V @ +300 mA).

If you don't have another power supply, make sure the output is around 5 V, and put a big capacitor (200 uF or more) between the 5 V and GND on your Arduino. I suspect that the power supply might just have a half-wave bridge rectifier, which might be insufficient to drive the servo motors.

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Should the capacitor be of same voltage? Or will 35V 200uF fit well too? – Max The Cat Aug 4 '12 at 13:07
The voltage on the cap is the maximum voltage it can hold, you can use anything which is higher then 5v. 35V 200uF will be just fine – Kirill Kulakov Aug 4 '12 at 15:07
Agreed on the possible issue. The external power adapter probably has a very bad/dirty signal and makes the board reset/brownout/servos act up. Looking at the voltage on a scope (under load) might confirm the issue. Can you try on another usb power supply/charger that might be of better quality? – genetix Aug 6 '12 at 7:58

As far as I understand, you can only draw 100mA from the USB until the connected device negotiates over the USB protocol to receive more.

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5V is a bit low, you'll need at least 6.2V (IIRC) when powering the Arduino through the VIN or the barrel connector, for it to be stable

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