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Hi i have this code saving the finger print using linkq

Dim a As New IO.MemoryStream
    Dim b As Byte()
    b = a.ToArray()
    Dim d As New user2

    RaiseEvent onTemplate(template)
    d.uname = "mon"
    d.passwo = "mon"
    d.finger = b
    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try

and now im trying to compare the data from the database to my new scanned finger print and it said i need to deserialized it can any one help me here is my code for verification but not working

Private context As New DataClasses1DataContext(My.Settings.ConStr)

Protected Overrides Sub Process(ByVal Sample As DPFP.Sample)
    ' Process the sample and create a feature set for the enrollment purpose.
    Dim features As DPFP.FeatureSet = ExtractFeatures(Sample, DPFP.Processing.DataPurpose.Verification)

    Dim ms As New IO.MemoryStream
    Dim byt As Byte()
    byt = ms.ToArray
    Dim b As New List(Of user2)
    Dim countt As List(Of user2) = (From a In context.user2s Select a).ToList

    For Each oItem As user2 In countt

        byt = ms.ToArray
        If byt Is oItem.finger.ToArray Then
        End If

        'If b.Count = 0 Then
        '    b = (From A In context.user2s Where A.finger2 = byt Select A).ToList
        'End If


    For i As Integer = 0 To countt.Count - 1
        If b.Count = 0 Then
            b = (From a In context.user2s Select a Where a.finger = Sample.Bytes).ToList
        End If
    'Dim b = (From a In context.user2s Select a Where a.finger = Sample.DeSer).ToList

    ' Check quality of the sample and start verification if it's good
    If Not features Is Nothing Then
        ' Compare the feature set with our template
        Dim result As DPFP.Verification.Verification.Result = New DPFP.Verification.Verification.Result()
        Verificator.Verify(features, Template, result)
        If result.Verified Then
            MakeReport("The fingerprint was VERIFIED.")
            MakeReport("The fingerprint was NOT VERIFIED.")
        End If
    End If
End Sub
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