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I'm trying to fetch logs (using LogService API Java SDK 1.7.0) for multiple major version ids.

Example: fetch logs for app versions 1 and 2:


but it throws this exception: Exactly one major version id must be specified. at$1.convertException( at at at

Am I doing something wrong or this is not supported? Java doc says:

public LogQuery majorVersionIds(java.util.List<java.lang.String> versionIds)

A setter that allows the user to specify the major app versions whose log data should be read.

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This is a problem of the documentation. The error you are getting is telling you that only one version_id can be specified at the time. The python docs state that:

Currently, you can specify only one version_id per fetch call.

In the future you can create an issue in the external issue tracker.

ps: I filed an internal issue to fix this.

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