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i am writing a plugin for eclipse 4.2 that will upload the jars the user adds to a project. in order to do this i need to want to retrieve the location of the jars in the class path. the problem is that as far as i can see IJavaProject doesn't make the distinction between a linked jar and a copied one. so when i use IClasspathEntry to retrieve the location of the jar the returned value is a location in the project and not the jars true location.

does any one know how can i retrieve it?

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I think you are asking for a way to find the file system location of a jar that is inside of a project.

The Eclipse workspace uses an abstraction over the local filesystem that is similar to, but different from the actual filesystem. There is some API to convert from an IResource to a filesystem location.

Typically, the IClasspathEntry will return workspace-relative locations when getPath is called. So, to get the filesystem location of a classpath entry, do something like this:

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