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Maybe you guys can help me. I am trying to create a custom plugin for TinyMce that basically wraps my selection like so:

<div class="myClass" > content </div>

Sort of like how the bold button works. I don't know a lot of javascript and the current plugins are really confusiong so im wondering if anyone can tell me how to do it. I have already created my custom plugin and made it show up on TinyMce, so that part is done, I just need the method.


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Wrapping a selection is not a big problem - in case your html root element is a <p>. Otherwise it won't work.

Here is the necessary code:

var ed = tinymce.get('my_editor_id');
var content = ed.selection.getContent();
tinymce.execCommand('insertHTML', false, '<div class="myClass">'+content+'</div>');

Be aware that you might encounter problems when selection only parts of a paragraph.

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This probably works too, but I did it in another way as listed below. – TheGateKeeper Aug 6 '12 at 17:57
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Here is how I did it:

        this.editor = ed;

        ed.addCommand('mceblizzardquote', function () {

            var se = ed.selection.getContent();

            if (se.trim() == "") {
                alert("Nothing Selected.");

            var s1 = '<div class="myClass" >';
            s1 += se + '</div>';

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+1 yes, this will work too – Thariama Aug 7 '12 at 7:19

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