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When my working OS was Windows, I used Entrian Source search plugin for large projects ( > 1 Gb) to search. I tried Eclipse too, but I'm not an Eclipse user. I know this feature exists in the Eclipse.

And now in linux I want to search something in big source repository (>5 or > 10 Gb). I want to search from console. Find and grep utils tremendously slow and I need some smart solution. Ctags is good, but only for tags )

I'm looking for something like SourceNavigator, but better.

Any suggestion?

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Thank you, also I found id-utils. –  AlexeyPerevalov Aug 6 '12 at 5:36
Also I found beagrep. It's not perfect and it's not comparable with Entrian Source search plugin. But it worth to see. –  AlexeyPerevalov Dec 25 '12 at 6:24

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Exhuberant ctags. It does not search for for tags, but for definitions and supports a lot of languages.

You might also look at cscope, it also looks for references (uses of a variable, calls of functions, etc) of symbols. It is C/C++ only, though.

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I've not tried it: you might find lucli to be useful.

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