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I'm only in the researching phase with Solr but so far it appears that to index an unstructured text file, I must convert it into XML using Tika? Is this true? I thought it odd that Lucene can tokenize and index arbitrary text without any conversion, yet Solr requires this extra step of converting to XML. I thought maybe I was just missing something.

I'm looking into near-real-time full-text search for millions of files and hundreds of GB per day so the extra Tika conversion is troublesome.

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Thanks for the responses. @javanna my question would've been better asked as "WITHOUT having to pre-process the input in any way". There's just too many of them coming in too fast, they're too large, and speed is important. @Oklein when researching the DIH you mention, I stumbled upon this document:

Basically the answer I'm pursuing is, use the ExtractingRequestHandler to process the plain text file and add extra fields on-the-fly. Right now I'm using cURL which can add the fields using GET parameters, and will work on doing the equivalent using SolrJ.

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Meant to upvote, but finger slipped -- my apologies – hd1 Jan 31 '14 at 22:24
PDF seems gone, anyone has a link? – Juliano Oct 13 '14 at 22:16

Check out the PlainTextEntityProcessor in the DIH

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