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Take a look at this fiddle. I've got divs on either side, with fixed widths of 50px, and display:inline-block.

I want the div on the inside to expand to fill the gap between these two divs, but the problem is if I put lots of text inside this div it pushes itself onto the next line, and the layout breaks down.

Also, I want it so the middle div will fill the space even if there is a small amount of text in it (less than the page width).

How can I ensure the left and right divs are always on the left and right, and that the content div always fills the space in between them?

I tried using CSS3's calc, but it appears that it isn't very well supported.

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This is the sort of situation that was handled in the past by using tables for layout. This will be fixed in the future by the new Flexbox implementation

In the meantime, you can emulate the table effect by using display: table-cell, this will cause each div to stretch the way you would expect a table to. If you want more control over the total width you can wrap it in a div that has a display: table-row and a set width.

.col {
.middle {
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If you are open to using javascript, this will work:

    $('div.middle').width( $('div.container').width() - $('div.right.col').width() - $('div.left.col').width() - 10 );

    $(window).resize(function() {
        $('div.middle').width( $('div.container').width() - $('div.right.col').width() - $('div.left.col').width() - 10 );


Working JSFiddle:

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