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I have some comma separated numbers in a string out of which I want to match a specific number. For the example string "18, 34, 22, 9, 2, 56" I want to match the number "2" but not the two "2s" in 22. How can I obtain that?

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Your input is incomplete. So you only want to catch 2. What about 333? Or 99? Do you only want to catch single digit nunmbers or what? –  FailedDev Aug 4 '12 at 12:44

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use this regular expression \b2\b replace 2 with your value

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Why haven't I thought of that? –  Zorrocaesar Aug 4 '12 at 13:18

You can solve that without a regular expression using ordinary string functions which are provided by most of the prog languages. For example one solution in Python. Add a comma at the start and the end:

s=", 18, 34, 22, 9, 2, 56,"
s.find(', 2,')

In case the search string can't be found the function returns -1. In case you insist on a regexp the pattern could look the same.

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This maybe not the best method but you can try something like this

                string NUmbers= "18,22,34,52";
                string[] NewNos=NUmbers.Split(',');

                for(int i=0;i<NewNos.Length;i++)
                    //do whatever you want

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you can use grep

echo "18, 34, 22, 9, 2, 56" | grep -E -o "^2,| 2,| 2$"

and substitute '2' in grep regex by any number you search in your comma separated numbers string

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