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Can anyone suggest me good online tutorials on Graph Theory ie BFS,DFS and other related Graph algos?

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I would strongly recommend to study from topcoder


has both theory and implementation

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If you like coding in python, you may check the book:

Algorithmic Graph Theory

The book is GNU-FDL licensed, which means you can read and download all the content for free. And all the source code in the book are provided for Sage. Sage is a open source alternative of Matlab. As Sage use python as it's language to write scripts, all source code in Sage are essentially python code with additional modules (from sage).

ps: This Algorithmic Graph Theory is totally a different thing from @Elias's Algorithmic Graph Theory.

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Look at Algorithmic Graph Theory

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use Tardos and Kleinberg for graph algorithms. if you want mathematical graph theory you can read Riehard Diestel.

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