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Does anybody know why my image2 does not get scaled in the image2.scaleImage32() method?

Here's my code:

public ZoomScreen setScreen(){

     map1.getBitmap().scaleInto(tempBmp, Bitmap.FILTER_BILINEAR); 
     Graphics g = Graphics.create(tempBmp); //works
     g.drawBitmap(100, 100, bitmapImage2.getWidth(), bitmapImage2.getHeight(), bitmapImage2, 0, 0); //works
     image2 = PNGEncodedImage.encode(tempBmp); //works
     image3 = image2.scaleImage32(Fixed32.toFP(100), Fixed32.toFP(200)); // does not work
     ZoomScreen screen = new ZoomScreen(image3);// works

  return screen;

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Perhaps you are passing absolute values of width and height to scaleImage32() method. But it is not a correct way to use this method. You need to pass scale factor instead of absolute value of width and height.

Assuming image is an EncodedImage class instance, and thumbnailSide is a side of scaled image in pixels, here is the code that should work for you:

        final int currentWidthFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(image.getWidth());
        final int currentHeightFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(image.getHeight());

        final int thumbnailSideFixed32 = Fixed32.toFP(thumbnailSide);

        final int scaleXFixed32 = Fixed32.div(currentWidthFixed32, thumbnailSideFixed32);
        final int scaleYFixed32 = Fixed32.div(currentHeightFixed32, thumbnailSideFixed32);

        image = image.scaleImage32(scaleXFixed32, scaleYFixed32);
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