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I have a webapp, which is running in a browser. That webapp is connected to a server, which uses websockets. So the communication between the server and my client/browser is based on websockets. If some magic event occurs on the server, some webservice sends a new XML / JSON to my webapp and the new data gets displayed.

But how do i, as the client / browser, know if the connection is stil alive? Lets say i do not get any new XML for about 30 seconds. How would i know if the connection is closed/broken/server offline or everything is fine, but on the server himself no new magic event occured.

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3 ways:

  • rely on TCP to detect loss of connectivity, which will ultimately pop up in JS onclose event
  • send WebSocket pings from server .. browsers will reply with WS pongs, loss of connectivity is probably more robustly detected also on client side
  • send app level heartbeats from browser to server, server need to have logic to reply. you can't trigger WS pings from browsers (in JS)
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Is there nothing defined in the standard? or do i have to do all the "work" manually? –  Gero Aug 4 '12 at 19:01
The standard provides a way to detect and notify endpoints of TCP related connection failures (which tends to include many cases of server issues). If you want to be able to detect failures before TCP figures it out or error conditions where the TCP connection is alive but the server itself is not processing messages you will need to do it manually. –  zaphoyd Aug 5 '12 at 13:44
ok i understand it, but it seems a bit vague. It looks like 7 different roads to rome. –  Gero Aug 6 '12 at 12:26

A websocket connection object has a readyState field which will tell you if the connection is still active (from the dart documentation). The readyState can be either

0 - connection not yet established
1 - conncetion established
2 - in closing handshake
3 - connection closed or could not open

You can also define an event handler for the websocket close event if this is something you'd like to handle (try to reconnect, etc).

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The readyState doesn't change upon disconnect –  megawac May 15 '14 at 14:07

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