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I have an ISO file that I would like to encode it out to mp4 in parts so it's easier to upload to youtube. I am not sure how it handles with chapters etc in this iso file. I have tried

ffmpeg -i file.iso newfile.mp4

which works great however it's one large file.

I have google and read some where that says if you put a % within the output file, it should automatically give you parts of the video based on the -t you set, so I went ahead and did this

ffmpeg -i file.iso -t 30 newfile%.mp4 

however, the above does not work as it only give me 30 seconds with the file name: newfile%.mp4

Thanks for your time and hoping I can get some help with this. Thank you in advance!

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You can use -t and -ss in conjunction to do this with a script. Here is one: http://grapsus.net/blog/post/A-script-for-splitting-videos-using-ffmpeg

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