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I have some python code with many lines like this:

print "some text" + variables + "more text and special characters .. etc"

I want to modify this to put everything after print within brackets, like this:

print ("some text" + variables + "more text and special characters .. etc")

How to do this in vim using regex?

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This below link might help you! <stackoverflow.com/questions/6182964/…; – user1162388 Aug 4 '12 at 15:22

Use this substitute:

%s/print \(.*$\)/print (\1)

\(.*$\) matches everything up to the end of the line and captures it in a group using the escaped parentheses. The replacement includes this group using \1, surrounded by literal parentheses.

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:%s/print \(.*\)/print(\1)/c

OR if you visually select multiple lines

:'<,'>s/print \(.*\)/print(\1)/c

% - every line
'<,'> - selected lines
s - substitute
c - confirm - show you what matched before you convert
print \(.*\) - exactly match print followed by a space then group everything between the \( and \)
print(\1) - replace with print(<first match>)

Vim has some function rules for regex, you can do :help substitute or :help regex to see what they are.

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