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There's a little admin panel I'm doing and wondering is it possible after clicking a button in a panel to add a div box inside the index.php file with jQuery?

If so, a little example would be appreciated!

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Google will answer this question very quickly. – Justin Helgerson Aug 4 '12 at 15:25
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You would need to send an XML http post request using jQuery's $.post() method, and then have a php file on the server modify the index file, or a text file that can be included in the index file:

$.post('indexEdit.php', {info: "info to ad to file"}, function(data){ /*callback here*/ });

Make sure the indexEdit.php has session validation or someone else could could attempt to post information to it and perform an external edit.

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To add code to the start of a div, use the prepend method. To add code to the end of a div, use the append method.

Here are 2 examples for adding code to the body of an html page:

$("body").prepend("This is some div added to the start of the page.");
$("body").append("This is some div added to the end of the page.");

If you wanted to load content dynamically, you would have to use the ajax method and use the code above in the callback.

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