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I have been beating my head around this one; the examples provided in the PHP client library under "apps" shows how to use the apiHttpRequest class to make HTTP request to the Provisioning API. The example shows how to list and delete a user in a domain (that is apps enabled) but I am having a had time understanding how to POST to the provision API (feeds) because I will like to programatically create groups using the apiHttpRequest. Any help on this will be highly appreciated!

I have include a code sample for deleting a user

// Deleting a User Alias from a Domain (Experimental)
  $domain = "example.com";
  $user = rawurlencode("user@domain.com");
  $req = new apiHttpRequest("https://apps-apis.google.com/a/feeds/alias/2.0/$domain/$user", 'DELETE');
  $resp = $client::getIo()->authenticatedRequest($req);
  print "<h1>Deleting a User Alias from a Domain</h1>: <pre>" . $resp->getResponseBody() . "</pre>";
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Oh! I see, one has to create an Atom XML mockup and pass it as a string. Is there a more elegant way of handling this? We are not using Zend and so we have to create this ourselves.

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